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July 2013  This week's menu is made up of a selection of our Summer season meals. It cycles every four weeks with 14 breakfasts and 28 lunches and main meals.  Your menu will contain fish three times a week, lamb once and chicken once, unless you specify otherwise or select a vegetarian or vegan option.

Nutrichef healthy meal plan


Breakfast Rhubarb Crunch

Lunch  Butternut squash Hummus with caramelised onion on Spelt bread

Dinner Cajun style cod and mango salsa  Vegetarian option - Roasted vegetable tarts both accompanied by Quinoa pilaf with cashews carrots and parsnips with star anise


Breakfast Nutrichef Full of Fruit Flapjack  

Lunch Pad Thai noodles with peanut sauce and Thai rustic potato soup

Dinner  Tortilla with cheese, leek, potato accompanied by Roasted tomato halves with fresh herbs


Breakfast Nutrichef Muesli with mango compote

Lunch Sun-dried tomato & caramelised onion hummus on herbie quinoa bread

Dinner Sea Bream in a Japanese Miso sauce  Vegetarian option- Bean & carrot patties both accompanied by broccoli, bean sprouts, shiitake mushrooms and soya beans


Breakfast Ginger & raisin muffin 

Lunch  Salmon mousse with pomegranate seeds on artisan bread  Vegetarian option – Pea and mint pate both accompanied by Watercress and rocket salad with curly carrot and dressing 

Dinner Nutrichef (gluten-free) Indian Spiced Pastie with Mint and Mango sauce Spring Greens and roasted parsnips 


Breakfast Peaches with blue berries & granola compote 

Lunch  Red lentil & yellow pea soup with fresh green salad  

Dinner  Roast chicken breast with a walnut topping accompanied by a medley of Spanish style roast vegetables with fennel & thyme


Breakfast Malt loaf 

Lunch  Jacket potato loaded with broccoli and red pepper accompanied by Mixed baby leaf salad with elderflower dressing

Dinner  Thai Massaman Curry accompanied by fried rice with vegetables


Breakfast Plums and fresh figs with dairy-free orange crème fraiche

Lunch Watercress soup accompanied by Red pepper & lime hummus on rye bread

Dinner Citrus lamb Vegetarian option – Citrus tofu accompanied by Green cabbage with chestnuts and pumpkin


NB Our Leaner & Stronger Plans have larger and multiple portions as well as additional daily snacks of our own Flapjacks, nut, seed and dried fruit mixes.