Barbara Cox and David CoxNutrichef was founded in 2004 by Barbara and David Cox. They became interested in healthy eating during a nine-year stay in Japan – a country with an abundance of delicious, healthy food and low rates of cancer, heart disease and obesity. Barbara began her studies in nutrition while living near Kyoto. At the same time she learned about fine cooking from a top Japanese restaurateur and cook with whom she traded English lessons.

After returning to the UK and qualifying as a nutritionist, Barbara made it her mission to devise a meal plan that would incorporate the beneficial characteristics of a Japanese diet, but appeal to Western tastes. At first she gave patients at her clinic some of her recipes, but, as many had difficulty sourcing ingredients, she decided to set up a company that would produce healthy meals and deliver them to people’s homes. And so the idea of Nutrichef was born.

Barbara’s husband, David, also has a background in science. After graduating with a degree in biomedical sciences, he became a secondary school teacher. Nutrichef has a dedicated and enthusiastic team of nutritionists, chefs, drivers and support staff, all of whom fulfil vital roles in ensuring we remain true to the thinking that inspired us to start Nutrichef.

From our humble beginnings, we have grown year on year and now deliver our delicious, healthy meals throughout mainland UK.

Our aim

The aim of our company is to help people improve their lives and lifestyles through eating our healthy meals. The best customer service and a top quality product are critical to our success. For this reason we choose the highest quality ingredients available, our own chefs prepare them according to strict standards in our own kitchen, and we deliver them to your door in a temperature-controlled environment.

Why we’re in business

We feel it is important to be true to our values and we know why we’re in business. It’s about more than pure commerce to us, so we wanted to share with you what drives us on. People’s lifestyles are under so much scrutiny now, especially with the focus on health, nutrition and fitness. We believe that our informative approach and non-patronising style will add significant value to how our customers tackle the lifestyle challenges that they face today.

We are passionate about:

  • Good nutrition and putting healthy meals on peoples’ tables
  • Providing innovative solutions for a healthy lifestyle
  • Building a successful and sustainable company that can continue to educate and inspire 
  • Making a positive difference to peoples’ lives both inside and outside the company
  • Contributing constructively to the communities within which we operate
  • Living to our styles and values
  • Having fun along the way