Community & Charity

A desire to make a positive difference to our community is incredibly important to us and we do this in various different ways.

Encouraging the community to eat healthily

This is our raison d’être; in an age when poor diet is causing more and more people to become ill with one of the so-called ‘diseases of civilisation’ (such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes), we are passionate about showing people how changes in their diet can make them feel much healthier.

Working with schools

Barbara at Poole High SchoolAlthough it’s rarely too late for anyone to change their eating habits, we recognise that the best time for someone to start is during their childhood. For this reason we became involved with schools after being in business for just a few months. The specific initiatives we’ve developed in schools are: talks to children, taste-testing of healthy snacks live on radio, a ‘budding chef’ competition and our Salad Challenge Enterprise Day initiative designed to get young people to understand food and business.  Teams were challenged to design a new salad using real ingredients - including some unusual ones that they wouldn’t normally encounter - brand it and then pitch it to a team of judges.

Working with clubs

Besides working with schools, Nutrichef helps young people in other ways. For example, we've helped the Girl Guides with a 4-day event on healthy eating, we give talks every year for the Duke of Edinburgh's award scheme, and we provide nutritional advice to local sports clubs.

Love Fruit & Veg

Our Love Fruit & Veg campaign is designed to get people to think of fruit & veg as the heart of their menu.  We’re not talking about completely changing the way they eat - no need to become a vegetarian - simply swapping a biscuit snack for an apple or banana is a great place to start.

Charity events

Since Nutrichef was founded with the aim of helping communities enjoy improved health, we have much in common with a number of charities. We are able to help by providing meal plans as a raffle prize, offering our healthy Flapjack to people doing a charity challenge (like Dorset firefighters' cycle from Lands End to John O'Groats), or by giving talks on nutrition. Perhaps our most notable charity fund-raising exercise was sending Barbara to the Sahara Desert, where she trekked over 100 miles in 5 days, raising £4000 for Help for Heroes. More recently, Barbara has been made an Ambassador to the Pan African Heart Foundation.

Radio interviews

Another way we have reach out to the community with our healthy eating message is through radio interviews. Our Wave 105 initiative this year, 'Bad Chef-Good Chef', was focussed on getting people to give up their take-aways and make a healthy alternative in their kitchen.

Health in the workplace

According to Jeffrey J Fox, author of How to Become CEO, 90% of all people climbing the corporate ladder are out of shape. Realising that businesses will enjoy greater productivity if their workforce is physically well and mentally alert, Nutrichef has organised ‘Health in the Workplace’ days.


While helping to improve the health of the community, Nutrichef is keen to promote the importance of looking after the environment. We have, therefore, actively sought ways of recycling the three major types of waste from our meal production processes:  organic waste (mainly fruit and vegetable peelings), plastic trays that our meals are served in, and cardboard boxes that are used by our suppliers as packaging for fruit, vegetables and plastic containers.