meal plan3_image.pngDiet and exercise go hand in hand.  If you have a goal of weight-loss then exercise will play a big part in helping you achieve that.  If you are focussed on a sporting challenge then diet will be essential in fuelling your efforts and aiding your recovery.  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle certainly needs a consistent approach to exercise.

But just as with diet, variety is good for you with exercise.  Try to do a range of different ypes of exercise that includes stamina, strength and suppleness. Exercise that reaches all of your muscle groups.

As you work harder you will become more conscious of the connection between diet and exercise and the importance of types of food and the times that you eat.  For instance our Lighter & Brighter Plan has a different balance of protein and carbohydrates to our Leaner & Stronger Plan developed for athletes in training.

When starting any new form of exercise regime you should of course take care and seek medical advice if you have any concerns.

Although we love exercise we're not experts so we've featured some of your favourite forms of exercise, the ones that we have worked with clients and coaches on.  And it's some of them that have shared their top tips with you...simply click and read...

Born to exercise

"Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it."  ~Plato

We were born to exercise, it's how we have evolved, its what we were designed to do.

"Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, get fitter, run a marathon or simply feel better, there's a basic methodology."

Nutrition is the foundation in changing the way your body moves, feels, performs and looks. With bad nutrition you will create poor biological cells and poor performing hormones therefore giving you little chance of achieving your goals. Keep your intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.

Once your food intake and variety is better you're ready to add some exercise and head for that clean healthy lifestyle.

walking for fitness and weight loss

Cardio vascular

Bike, run, swim, row, etc, Make sure it’s done at a high intensity and do it for short periods of time, but do that multiple times. This will cause your body to adapt and change, making you fitter and leaner.

NO more running for hours on that treadmill. Hooray I hear you say, just get out there and have a go.

Resistance work: 

Yes weights! Adding weights to your session will increase your metabolism, burn more calories, tone or build your muscles and make you look great. Make sure your weights work includes some big lifts, such as squats, deadlifts and bench presses to name just a few.  You'll probably need some help with these.

Gymnastics: no not running round in a leotard, But using your bodyweight as resistance, like press ups, pulls ups, sit ups and maybe even a handstand. Making sure your body can move, lift and hold its own weight will make your daily life much easier.

To sum it up your personalised exercise programme should be done 3 - 4 days per week, it needs to be constantly varied, and done at a high intensity including some functional exercises (exercises that mimic what you do in your daily life), cardio work and gymnastic elements in as many combinations and patterns as creativity will allow. 

This variety of exercise will not only sculpt you into the body that you desire, but make you ready for anything that life throws at you.

Making exercise part of your routine is essential, but remember routine during exercise is the enemy. Keep workouts short, interesting and intense.

More exercise top tips

Starting with 11 steps to fitness by Andy Blow of votwo.co.uk

As an athlete Andy has competed in Triathlon and Duathlon to an international level. He has finished on the podium of Half Ironman UK, in the top 10 at Ironman UK and completed the Hawaii Ironman.  Andy says:

andy blow

1  Motivation – the big one- Without this you should (and might well) just stay in bed.

2  Goals – these provide the motivation, maybe you're aiming towards an event or going for weight loss. Either way gets your backside out of the door.

3  Diarise your activity and exercise-
 You do it with everything else of importance. Do it with your fitness. 

4  Give it time – nothing great comes easily, or quickly. Don’t expect 5 day fitness plans to work. They don’t.

5  Get up early, get it done- Exercise first thing works the metabolism, starts the day positively and most importantly of all happens.

6  Mix it up- Strength, CV, flexibility – they all need working and avoid boredom.

7  Make it progressive- Small steps over long time = real progress. Don’t just settle for a constant level and expect better results. Make them happen.

8  Something is always better than nothing- 10 minutes of something is 100% better than nothing.

9  Evolve your lifestyle to incorporate exercise don’t revolutionise it overnight- Don’t do the ‘new years resolution change your life’ stuff as it does not stick. 

10 Involve others- Family, friends, colleagues – anyone who you mix with often. They will support you more if you involve them and pressure you when you want to slack off. They will benefit from it as well and a shared experience is often better.

11 Don’t for a minute believe it will be easy- We are mis-sold the concept that you can get fitness in easy ways, not true. But it will be massively rewarding. 

Spencer Cuckney, bournemouthfitbodybootcamp.com

"My top tip for getting slim and fit is to concentrate on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), this works whether you are totally unfit or are very conditioned but obviously at different levels. A HIIT session involves a warm-up, several short maximum-intensity efforts separated by moderate recovery intervals and then a cool down. You can expect to burn up to 9 times more body fat training this way compared to conventional aerobic training."

Boris Stone, militaryfitnessbootcamp.co.uk

"Less time more intensity, keeping your exercise routine to shorter time periods will help reduce injuries and fatigue.  Get out of your comfort zone, completing the same exercise routine especially after six weeks actually won’t do you any good.  The body adapts and get used to it slowing down your metabolism, but by changing it around and doing something different you can increase you weight loss."

Daren Vye, dvfitnesstraining.co.uk

"Exercise frequency, intensity, type and duration are all crucial elements of losing weight. Combine 30 minute of aerobic exercise with 30 minutes of resistance conditioning, 3-5 times per week and you’ll send your metabolism through the roof."

Nordic walking

Nordic walkersAs an enhancement to ordinary walking..... Nordic walking makes something we can all do twice as effective!

Nordic walking uses poles in order to add 2 major benefits to walking:

1. The use of poles means the upper body muscles are used as well as the legs

2. The poles help to propel you along – this means you work harder than usual, yet the support given by the poles makes it feel easier!

Nordic walking can be done by anybody anywhere and does not require expensive equipment or clothing.  It’s a great fitness technique, a rehabilitative tool and a highly effective exercise for sports conditioning and toning.

Nordic walking is the fastest growing fitness activity in the world and is widely used by health and fitness professionals because it is highly effective, affordable and FUN!

Hugely popular on the continent, there are even TV channels dedicated to it, it's about to take off in the UK.  Just like any new activity it is important to learn correct technique.  Once mastered this is a safe, effective and social exercise you’ll want to tell your friends about!  And be sure to pack some Nutrichef Flapjack in your bag for those long sessions.

For further details of taster sessions, learn to Nordic Walk technique courses and regular weekly fitness and adventure walks in Dorset, check out www.hannahdykes.com/nordicwalking


What is Yoga and its benefits...

One of the most ancient philosophies of life offers the key to a healthy lifestyle in these modern stressful times.

Healthy lifestyle yogaYoga is a system which is over 3,000 years old and works with the body, breath and mind, which when practiced regularly develops strength, flexibility and a still and focused mind :

The various poses or ‘asanas’ work to create strength and flexibility in the body by working with the body and practitioners can then work more deeply within the pose as they begin to feel stronger and more open. Each asana is held for a short time (a few breaths) and the poses are often linked so that you move from one to the next, opening and reprogramming body patterns and energy channels in the body.   There is a focus on breathing awareness whilst practicing the poses which has a calming effect on both the mind and the body.

Anyone can practice yoga, no matter what age or fitness level.  All you need is a mat and space to practice…even better if the weather is lovely and you can practice outside in the garden or by the sea.  The perfect exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle...

Classes are tailored to meet the needs and physical capabilities of the students and are intended to be a warm, nurturing environment in which people of whatever level can have the space to explore their yoga practice, developing deeper awareness on all levels as they focus on their breath and body.

For further details of yoga classes and workshops in the Bournemouth area, as well as private classes, check out www.yogaroom.co.uk