Over the years our clients have asked numerous questions about our Meal Plan service, so we've answered some of the more frequently asked ones here.  If you think of something else that we haven’t mentioned, please call us on (01202) 748400 or drop us an email.

Delivery, preparing & eating

Where in the UK do you deliver?

Our network of chilled delivery vans currently operates throughout the whole of England, Wales and much of mainland Scotland. 

When will you deliver?

For customers in BH post codes and the New Forest in Hampshire we deliver three evenings (5pm to 9.30pm) per week: Monday (meals for Tuesday and Wednesday), Wednesday (meals for Thursday and Friday), Friday (meals for Saturday, Sunday and Monday). For customers outside these areas we deliver before 12 noon* on Tuesdays and Fridays. Tuesday's delivery consists of meals for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, while Friday's delivery consists of meals for Friday, Saturday and Sunday (or Monday). *Customers on the Isle of Wight or in parts of Cornwall and Scotland may not receive a pre-12 noon delivery.


What if I have electric gates or I live in a flat?

If you have electric gates or you live in a flat, please provide us with a code or a key to enable us to access your front door.

When can I expect my first delivery of meals?

When you book your meal plan you are given the opportunity to select a start date. If we are unable to start your plan on that date, we will email you shorlty afterwards to offer you the next available start date.

Meal plans, meals and nutrition

What kind of ingredients do you use?

We use a very wide variety of healthy ingredients: fruit and vegetables because they provide us with minerals, vitamins and fibre; beans, tofu and fish because they are good sources of protein; rice and quinoa because they are sources of carbohydrate; sprouted beans and pulses because they are rich in enzymes that aid digestion; plus many others.

In recognition of the need to consume a wide variety of different nutrients (as raw material for all of our biochemical processes) we provide more than 180 different ingredients in a one month meal plan. Of these, there are over 80 different fruit and vegetables and more than ten a day - double the government’s target of ‘5-a-day’!

How will the ingredients differ from those found in my usual daily shop?

We don’t use any ingredients that contain added sugar, salt or artificial additives, nor do we use any wheat products because gluten (the protein in wheat) is hard to digest for many people. We also refrain from using dairy products because they have now been associated with a number of health problems. Many of the ingredients we use are organic or, in the case of fish, fresh and - where possible - local.

We work closely with our suppliers and endeavour to use traceable products.

How does your vegetarian meal plan option differ?

Our vegetarian plan replaces fish, chicken and lamb with specially created vegetarian dishes.

I am pescetarian, can you prepare a meal plan for me?

When you Book your meal plan simply select vegetarian and let us know that you like to eat fish.

How does your vegan meal plan option differ?

Our vegan plan does not contain any animal products, including honey.  

Will I have to cook?

No, but you’ll need to heat up your evening meal and some of your lunches.
It’s best to do this in a conventional oven, as microwaves are thought to damage the structure of essential nutrients.

What should I drink?

Water! Try to drink 2 litres of water a day, with a slice of lemon if you’d like to add a subtle flavour. Try to drink it between meals – drinking water with meals may dilute your digestive juices, which are trying their best to break down your food!

What drinks should I avoid?

The problem with most drinks (e.g. fizzy drinks, alcohol, and even fruit juice) is that they contain a lot of sugar. ‘Diet drinks’ might seem like a good idea, but many contain artificial sweeteners (like aspartame) that can be even more harmful than sugar.

You should try to limit caffeinated drinks (such as tea & coffee) to 2-a-day, using a non-dairy substitute if you take milk.  Why not try a herbal or green tea?

What about alcohol?

Of course you’ll get better results from your plan if you don’t drink alcohol as it is extremely high in calories, what we call 'empty calories' as they're of no benefit to you.  However, we want your plan to become part of your lifestyle and so it’s important that you continue to enjoy yourself!  If you feel the urge, go for red wine in moderation, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, which may have some health benefits.

What about the odd chocolate bar, packet of crisps, beer or wine?

The ‘odd’ temptation like these won’t undo all your good work, but you will, of course, obtain better results from the plan if you exercise restraint!

Why not discover some new favourites? Like our healthy flapjacks, fruit, vegetable sticks, nuts & seeds.

Should I exercise while I’m on a meal plan?

The amount of exercise you do is completely up to you (and will, of course, depend on a number of factors, including your general health). However, widely accepted good advice is that you do at least 30 minutes of brisk exercise each day. You should, however, seek the advice of a medical practitioner before significantly increasing your level of physical activity.

Will the portion sizes be right for me?

For most customers the portion sizes we provide are just right. However, if you have a sedate lifestyle or think we’re providing too much food, please ask about our low calorie portions. Conversely, if you feel you need more food, you can order one of our Leaner and Stronger plans.