Dens Duncan and the Pilgrim Bandits


Barbara Cox and Duncan BannatyneThe Pilgrim Bandits are now a charity in there own right; started 5 years ago made up of ex-Special Forces members and mates raising money for other charities.

Now they are made up from invited guests and challengers that have raised sponsorship and completed one of their challenges. The Sahara Challenge, which Barbara Cox completed two years, ago their Winter Challenge in Finland and now their UK Centurion Challenge have become as well known as the regiments they served in for being hard but achievable. 

Money raised supports many forces amputees and local veterans, plus smaller forces projects. They also hope to be able to fund research and development into prosthetics for wounded servicemen.  Their Patrons Dinner last week was aimed at doing just that.  Barbara and David Cox, went along again to support the charity and Barbara got to spend some time talking to Dragon's Den's Duncan Bannnatyne OBE.  “Pilgrim bandits is a fantastic charity, that works with guys that have lost limbs or suffer from life changing injuries. They work together and bond together, everything they do with the lads is fantastic. I'm going to be involved forever, even when Afghanistan stops,” Duncan added.“ These soldiers will still have lost limbs, they wont get them back, that's permanent, and so I will continue to support them."

As for the Den? - well Barbara's not planning a visit anytime soon, but watch this space...


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