Flapjack Vegetarian Society Approved...


"Nutrichef has always prided itself on how we have worked with vegetarian and vegan clients in our meal plan business.  We have developed a delicious range of vegetarian meals, enjoyed by many non-vegetarians as part of their plans.  So to have our Flapjack approved by the Vegetarian Society is fantastic news!  Meeting the team at the Food & Drink Expo at the NEC over the last few days confimed what a great organisation they are!"  Barbara tells us.

Vegetarian Society approved trademarkThe Vegetarian Society approved symbol first became a trademark in 1969. But it wasn't until the early 1980's that it really came into it's own.  The growth in vegetarianism and food marketing combined to make it a sought after mark.

Consumers have now come to rely on the symbol as something that inspires reassurance and trust in the products that they choose.  For a product to be approved it must:

  1. Be free from animal flesh (meat, fowl, fish or shellfish), meat or bone stock, animal or carcass fats, gelatine, aspic or any other ingredients resulting from slaughter
  2. Contain only free range eggs, where eggs are used
  3. Be free from Genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
  4. Be cruelty-free – no animal testing
  5. Demonstrate no cross contamination during the production process

The Vegetarian Society Seedling Symbol trademark can now be proudly displayed on all three Nutrichef Flapjack flavours:

  • Apple & Ginger
  • Cherry & Almond
  • Full of Fruit

"We are extremely excited to be working with Nutrichef and take great pride in accrediting such a fabulous product range.  You have a truly amazing healthy, clean product and I am extremely excited to be approving the range and helping to market & promote it to our vast and ever growing consumer base.  Starting with The Natural Food Show at Olympia this coming weekend. "Ben Orlowski-Hatton, Business Development Officer, The Vegetarian Society


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