Life Exchange Group invites Barbara Cox...


The Life Exchange Group with Barbara CoxThe Life Exchange Group is a powerful networking community support group for people in business, people who want to take the next step and work for themselves, therapists, practitioners and like-minded individuals, in fact anyone who has an interest in self improvement, transformation and change.

Last night's meeting of the group was another success as Lucy Whittington spoke on being a business celebrity - how to find your thing and be famous for it and Barbara shared the Perfect Ten principles.  These are the things that underpin the thinking behind the cooking of the healthy meal delivery menus.  Barbara explained how sticking to the principles have enabled her to develop plans for weight loss, healthy lifestyle and sports nutrition.  

Both speakers gave lively presentations, leaving the 100 strong audience with lots to think about.

The aim of the Life Exchange Group is to bring people together to help with empowerment and motivation of their personal and work lives and to create a global social network where we each support, enrich and inspire each other.

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