Nutrichef name Meal Plans


Our meal plans have been tried and tested over many years and by thousands of people from all walks of life.  We are always developing new meals and menus and our results show just how well they work.  Yet we had never given the three core plans names.  That’s all about to change!

We’re excited to announce that with the launch of the new website, each plan does have a name.

The Health & Vitality Plan

This is our original meal plan, designed to control excess weight, maintain optimum health and deliver bags of energy.

The Lighter & Brighter Plan

This is our low calorie plan, specially adapted to deliver healthy weight loss, whilst guaranteeing nourishment.

The Leaner & Stronger Plan

Designed to deliver sustained nutrition for maximum energy and optimum recovery.

This plan has been developed working with fitness experts used to training elite athletes.  And so we can offer a ‘Business Athlete’ plan for anyone who takes their fitness & sport seriously or create a bespoke programme for ‘Elite Athletes’ training towards peak performance.

Barbara explains the thinking, “if you’re a regular Nutrichef customer, nothing’s changed, you’ll still get the same delicious three meals a day delivered to your door, the same variety of ingredients and flavours.  The names really help new customers to identify which Meal Plan is right for them and us to explain the differences.”

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