Sainsburys and Nutrichef


sainsbury's speakingOn a day when Sainsbury's announced growth in their sales against a backdrop of Tesco's worst figures for 20 years, Barbara and Steve from Nutrichef shared some business experiences with one of their senior management teams.

Having done a tremendous amount of work on their brand and values over the last few years, Sainsbury's are working hard to empower their management teams to deliver on those values. As part of that effort they are bringing successful people into their business, people who have achieved outside of corporate life, in sport, in communities and in smaller entrepreneurial businesses such as Nutrichef, to offer their perspectives on what has worked for them.

Barbara explained the Nutrichef healthy meal delivery service and introduced the managers to Coach (John) Wooden's Success Pyramid.  "I first saw the pyramid on the wall in Emilio Sanchez Vicario's office in Barcelona when I was working out there at the tennis academy.  He explained to me how much of an impact it had on his approach to leadership and he gave me a copy to bring back to the UK."

Steve & Barbara then went on to highlight the people-focussed aspects of the Pyramid and the importance of them in the success of the businesses they were part of: Friendhsip, Co-operation, Team Spirit, Enthusiasm, Self-control and Competitive Greatness.

Barbara couldn't resist the opportunity to mention Nutrichef Flapjack, throw in a few healthy diet tips and leave the managers with a recipe at the end!  On this ocassion a recipe for success rather than for a delicious healthy meal!

Paul Miller, from Sainsbury's, "Barbara & Steve both demonstrated tremendous inspiration and passion for their subject which was reflected in the positive comments we received from the team...a great way to start off the sessions we had organised, thoroughly enjoyed..."

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