Nigel's Story

Nigel 'Thunderstorm' Thomas starts his Nutrichef meal plan"Barbara, I just had to write to you with a bit about how I'm getting on...

I must admit the first week on the meal plan was the hardest- getting used to the quantity of food and the change in diet. I did find it hard as I was used to food that has alot of quick energy and food that really didn't have a lasting effect (JUNK)..

The second week was when everything started to kick in, my energy levels touched a new high, I was (am) training for longer and harder find I have more energy and durability through training. I would finish training and want more.

My training has change from twice a day to three times a day as I have found that I have a little bit more in the tank to push myself that little bit more. So my day now consists of a run in the morning 6am before work, after work training with my Thai club from 6.30 till 8-8.30 then off to the gym for a 7k run to end the day.

I have found that doing this 3-4 times a week easy with no aches or pain on the body, where as before I was tired and really felt it. I have also added some extar sessions on 'rest' days which I would not have the energy to do normally.

I have lost a bit of excess weight and become very lean which is good, I feel healthier fitter and alot more alert. I think it has helped me at work to.

The variety of food has been really exciting not knowing what food I am eating from day to day. the fish dishes are amazing, but so is the soup and the chicken. To be honest I've enjoyed all of it, it is very tasty. The food is new to me in the sense that there's no wheat or diary in the food and all the bad stuff they put in normal food.

Storm gym's Nigel ThomasThe taste is fresh and not heavy.

The quantity of food at first seemed a bit much, but I then realise that it is balanced throughout the day and is needed to sustain

The experience of eating the Nutrichef meal plan has been amazing, I don't have to think "what do I need to eat" its just there, delivered labelled and ready to go. I don't have to wander around Tesco, Asda etc thinking what to buy what to eat and what to cook, Reading labels to see the content of food to make sure I am getting the right intake has gone. It's brilliant!

Can't wait to get in the ring now!  Bring it on!

26 February 2012 NEWS  "I have just won another British title, I had energy to do ten rounds comfortably thank you so much the Nutrichef meal plan it helped in a big way."