Our Ingredients

The best menus and meals start with the best ingredients...

seasonal fruit & veg, organic herbs, Dorset Lamb, local Sea Bass...

It has always been important for us to stick to our core principles, yet often there is a challenge.  We want to offer our service to as many people as possible and so the cost of ingredients and price of product equation must be balanced.

Working closely with our butcher, fishmonger, organic herb producer, egg supplier...enables us to manage costs and understand provenance and traceability.

We’re also becoming more focused on creating meals that  educate our customers to think and eat:

organic, local and seasonably

Our Featured Ingredient


Fishing blue sea and skyAs one of the central principles of a Japanese diet fish plays a big part in Nutrichef thinking.

Replacing meat with fish is one of the best dietary changes you can make.

By eating a variety of fish and making it the centrepiece of several meals a week, you’ll be adding a nutrient-dense food to your diet. It's low in fat and high in many good things.

It’s a good source of protein - most varieties contain around 20g of protein per 85g serving, the same as meat; a great source of vitamin and most fish are rich sources of iron.  And we mustn’t forget omega 3.


Our main fish supplier, M & J Seafood, are proactively tackling the challenges of responsible sourcing of seafood while maintaining their strong commitment to promoting greater variety and under-utilised species.

M &J Seafood have been promoting sustainable species of fish & seafood for years, working closely with fishermen around the UK. They urge chefs to play their part by considering using sustainable species of fish instead of those which are over-fished and we are currently working with them on the Nutrichef menus.

With the help of M & J Seafood we are totally committed to responsible sourcing and sustainability, ensuring we meet your needs today while protecting tomorrow’s.

Our meal plans use fish three times a week as part of our lunch and dinner menus. CodSalmon, Sea Bass & Haddock – are all featured heavily in our current meal plans:

Smoked Haddock Cakes, Cajun Cod with Mango Salsa, Salmon in a Mustard & Watercress Sauce, Mediterranean Spiced Sea Bass, Almond-crusted Salmon Escalope on a bed of Lentils, Haddock with a Cashew Nut & Chilli Topping.