Every meal hit the spot!


"Every meal hit the spot!"

It's not easy to eat healthily - temptation lies around every corner (usually in the shape of a chocolate bar!), so when we heard about Barbara Cox's structured diet plan which also sounded delicious, we thought we'd better give it a try.

Whether you want to slim down a dress size, are training for a marathon, or you simply want to improve your diet, look no further than the award-winning healthy meal delivery company - Nutrichef. Not only can they help you lose weight, but their  amazing food can also improve your health and general wellbeing. There are three different meal plans that are packed full of all that good stuff you know you should be eating, rather than all the salt, sugar and other bad stuff that we probably shouldn't be!

We opted for the healthy lifestyle plan, which is no more than 1500 calories each day, and each meal is balanced with all the nutrients that you need. But forget limp salads and juice diets, we dined like queens for a week on lamb burgers, thai curries, grilled salmon and even pizza - all made fresh in Nutrichef's kitchen. After each meal you felt satisfied and full - but even better knowing that you've had no diary or bad fats!

The weird thing is, we didn't even crave chocolate or crisps, as there were no sugar lows and each meal really hit the spot! One of Nutrichef's USPs is the variety of food they deliver to you - if you do the plan for a month, Nutrichef serves up over fifty different fruits and vegetables and 180 different types of food!