ISKA Kickboxing Champion, Nigel Thomas, fuelled by Nutrichef


'High-revving and now high-kicking'

Poole Audi is proud to say they have their very own British Kickboxing Champion, Nigel thomas, 36, Sales Specialist, won the Pure Force 12 Competition held in Luton.  He now holds the title for the 81.4kg category.  The competition was sanctioned by ISKA (International Sport Kickboxing Association).  Nigel fights on behalf of Storm Gym, who took back 4 out of 5 titles up for grabs.  Nigel is nutritiously sponsored by Barbara Cox (owner of Nutrichef).  He began kickboxing in 2004 aged 28 and won his first Britsih title in 2009.  Now ranking second in Europe, he is continuing onto the European title in April and aiming for the Commonwealths in June.

"We've really enjoyed working with Nigel and creating a high-energy meal plan for him.  We used our Business athlete plan as the basis, delivering a wide variety of high protein, high calorie meals.  Nigel tells us that his energy levels during the recent championships were the highest he's felt."  Barbara Cox.