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Nutrichef’s New Flapjacks Hit the High Street

The award-winning, healthy meal delivery company Nutrichef, has launched its first stand-alone product – delicious, healthy and nutritious Flapjacks in 3 different flavours.

 Nutrichef Flapjack bars contain no trans fats, salt, wheat or dairy and no artificial colours or flavours. Suitable for vegetarians and ceoeliacs, each bar contains approx 250 calories, lower than other bars on the market that claim to be healthy. And because they deliver sustained energy, the Nutrichef Flapjack bars are ideal for consumption ahead of training and physical activity or simply as a breakfast or snack on the go.

“The Flapjack bars were initially part of the Nutrichef healthy meal plan offering as a breakfast” says Barbara Cox, nutritionist and Nutrichef CEO. “We took the traditional flapjack and made it so much healthier but they were so successful and popular with customers who wanted to have them to eat separately, that we decided to launch them as a stand alone product for retail and created some great new packaging to make them stand out on the counter and shelf.”

Nutrichef Flapjacks are available in three flavours, Apple & Ginger, Cherry & Almond and Full of Fruit.

 “Nutrichef flapjacks are fantastic because they fit the bill in both the fitness and snack market. The packaging is eyecatching and clear, attracting customer interest at point of purchase,” explains Mark Dawkins, Managing Director of specialist food wholesaler Pride Of Place, who are managing the distribution for Nutrichef flapjacks. “Each bar has a recommended retail price of £1.49, providing up to a 40% profit margin. A high profile PR and promotional campaign will be rolled out in 2012 to support the launch and driver consumer awareness and sales.