Sharon loses 16lb in 30 days!


Lose weight and get bags more energy in 2012...

Why not make 2012 the year that you get healthy from the inside out?  

Excess weight loss, more energy, brighter eyes and clearer skin are some of the most obvious benefits experienced by Nutrichef’s clients. Yet these are just the ones you see on the outside; the ones happening on the inside are just as numerous, and arguably even more important.  Health is at the heart of all the thinking that goes on behind a Nutrichef meal plan.     

Your meals are planned and created and then hand-prepared and delivered to your door.  What you eat is a wide variety of  ingredients and flavours designed to maximise your energy and manage your weight. The results are often amazing, even to us!

Take Sharon May from Southampton. She came to Nutrichef having recently had another baby. She was determined to lose over two stone in only three months.

We worked with Sharon to ensure that she was still getting good calorie intake and all the right nutrients as she is a new Mum.  As a result she has shed pounds and inches healthily and has got bags more energy into the bargain!
After only 30 days Sharon has lost an astonishing 1st 4lbs!

Sharon May weight loss“I am so pleased with how I look, but even more with how I feel!”   Sharon tells us, “I can run around after the children and still manage some exercise.  Nutrichef has also introduced me to a whole new way of eating, with so many ingredients and flavours that I’d never tried before.  The Nutrichef meal plan has been life changing and I’m looking forward to 2012 with renewed energy!”

“Nutrichef has spent over seven years creating meal plans for busy people who want to lose weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle or improve their fitness performance.   Why not let us create a meal plan for you in 2012?

Call us now on 01202 748400 to talk about your needs or read more about how we’re transforming lives with our delicious healthy meal plans.”