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Whether you’re looking to shift some excess pounds, training for a marathon, recovering from a serious operation, or you’re just too busy to shop for food, Nutrichef can help. We’ve been delivering our healthy meals to thousands of customers with fantastic results and brilliant feedback.

We've also looked after our fair share of celebrities over the years, some we can't mention and many we can; as well as sporting achievers and endurance athletes.

Here are just a few of the testimonials we’ve received over the years.

Sharon May
“I'm ecstatic I've lost two stone and inches everywhere! Back in October I felt horrendous. I was lethargic, tired and it was a chore to get up in the morning,” says Sharon, I wanted to be able to run up the stairs and run back down again, like I used to. And now after a couple of months with Nutrichef I go from first thing in the morning until last thing at night and I’m raring to go. The best thing is that I know I’m healthy on the inside as well as on the outside.”

Sharon May, Busy mum, Southampton

Andrew Findley
Just a quick note to say a big thanks for all your support on my recent running adventure. Your pre-race nutrition advice was really helpful and the Nutrichef Flapjacks were great and always went with me to keep fuelled up on long training runs and during the race itself. I managed to finish the Ultra Tour Mont Blanc, which I was very pleased about, as over half the 2400 field didn’t make the 100 miles to the finish line. Good preparation and nutrition were so important so thanks again for all your help and advice.

Andrew Findley, Elite Property Search, Director

Dr Krishan Ramyead BSc(HONS)(MChiro)
"As a Chiropractor and Wellness Doctor, it is imperative that I am able to recommend and source healthy, nourishing and tasty food for my clients - especially since I only supply what i use myself and for my own family. As such, I'm excited to support and supply Nutrichef Flapjack. It is wonderfully reasurring and paradigm shifting, to be able to give people a delicious and nutritious snack that will support their health and well-being."

Dr Krishan Ramyead BSc(HONS)(MChiro), Thrive, Chiropractor & Wellness Doctor

Caroline Swatton
Nutrichef Flapjack is the perfect healthy snack for me; I run a swimming school and am active in and out of the pool all day. The Flapjack is like a meal in itself and sustains my energy when I can't sit down for lunch. Don't know what I'd do without them!

Caroline Swatton, Swalings International School of Swimming, Founder Director

Vince Avery
I first came onto Nutrichef to lose a bit of weight so I could start some training and get back into shape. I quickly learned that this plan was for me! I just popped the meals into my brief case and went to work, to the gym, out cycling (with flapjacks). I lost a few pounds and had so much more energy. A real kick start. I use the meal plan 6 times a year to keep me feeling fit and healthy.

Vince Avery, Business Owner & Keen Cyclist

Stephen Honour
I had heard Rick Jackson on Wave 105 talking about Nutrichef and looked it up on the internet … the meals were of a kind that I knew I would enjoy. The food being set out for each meal - made it very easy for me to stick to it as there was no preparation and made it good to follow -I have enjoyed the variety – within the first couple of weeks, I felt, less bloated, and was sleeping better and more energetic. I would like to say a very big thank you to you for helping me, I lost about 2 stone and would recommend Nutrichef to anyone wanting to do the same.

Stephen Honour, Garage Owner

Dr Raj Jutley BMedSci (Hon) MB ChB DM FRCSGlas (C-Th)

We live in a fast-paced world. A world where expectations have never been higher, and as this world has evolved, so have we, but arguably in the wrong direction. We have compromised on eating well.

Whether we like it or not, the world is changing and we have to change with it. Nutrichef’s Healthy Meal Plans enable that change; they fuel, nourish and educate. The recipes and programmes are scientifically based and delicious!

Eat Nutrichef food and stick to Barbara’s advice and you will soon see how it impacts on your health and life. It did mine!

Dr Raj Jutley BMedSci (Hon) MB ChB DM FRCSGlas (C-Th), Consultant Cardiac Surgeon, Consulting Doctor- Porsche Human Performance Centre, Silverstone

Wayne Closier
If you are looking for a programme to allow you to lose weight and keep it off then Nutrichef is definitely the one for you. It was like I had been handed an opportunity to remake my life. The plan enables you to feed your body the food it needs to be healthy. If there was something I didn’t like, I was able to create my own selection of meals. It isn’t like a diet – it was a change in lifestyle and I feel so much healthier. The meals taste fabulous and still let you lose weight.

Wayne Closier, Actor

Vanessa Feltz
I was really impressed with the whole Nutrichef experience. Calorie-controlled meals like salmon mousse on spelt bread, Greek salad and Thai chicken curry were beautifully presented and delivered with a smile.

Vanessa Feltz, BBC, Journalist, TV & Radio Presenter

Kate Staples
I’ve been more than impressed with the whole Nutrichef service starting with the nutritional consultation by phone, right through to delivery of the delicious meals by one of Nutrichef’s friendly drivers. The quality of the meals is excellent delicious breakfasts, lovely lunches like soups, salads and wheat-free pizzas, and amazing dinners like Thai curry and Moroccan Tagine. I recommend Nutrichef to all of my Bootcamp clients, and would happily recommend them to anyone else who wants to shift some extra pounds or gain some extra energy.

Kate Staples, Record-breaking Athlete

Clayton Fredericks - Australian Equestrian Rider
With the Beijing Olympics just 3 months away I needed to get in the best shape possible. Nutrichef came highly recommended to me so I ordered a one-month meal plan and had a really informative consultation with Head Nutritionist, Barbara Cox. The meals were amazing “ all very tasty, comfortably filling and conveniently delivered every Saturday morning. I stayed on the plan for a total of 8 weeks and was delighted with the results. Throughout the meal plan I gained a lot more energy, and lost a total of 10 kilos. I now feel much leaner and trimmer, which will greatly benefit not only me, but also my horse in the Beijing heat this summer!

Clayton Fredericks - Australian Equestrian Rider, Silver Medallist at Beijing Olympics 2008

Dr Robert Verkerk
Nutrichef is probably the best investment you could make to your health. Learn how to eat healthily every day and reduce your long-term risk of serious disease.

Dr Robert Verkerk, Alliance for Natural Health, Scientific Director

Catherine Sharman
I had got to the stage where I felt overweight, unhealthy and unhappy. Thanks to the fabulous Nutrichef meal plan along with daily exercise, I managed to lose 3 stone in a year. I now have bags more energy, clearer skin and I feel fantastic.

Catherine Sharman, Restaurant Manager

Neal Butterworth
The food was consistently wonderful, very original and really tasty. I felt completely energised almost immediately I started the course and it seemed so much easier to cope with the long working days.

Neal Butterworth, Newspaper Editor