The Leaner & Stronger Plan

Focus on performance

"Over the last 7 years I've worked with some incredible athletes and gained alot of practical knowledge from the experience.  We've now taken that and formulated our Leaner & Stronger Plans.  These plans are for people who are serious about their sport and fitness.  People like Clayton Fredericks, Olympic Equestrian Silver Medalist, Jeff Lawson, multiple MMA champion and Bernie Shrosbree, F1 Human Performance coach, endurance athlete and adventurer. Our emphasis is on efficiently fuelling training and aiding recovery using three main meals and two snacks."

competitive cyclingOur Leaner and Stronger plans are for clients who require a higher protein diet because they are actively involved in sport. We offer two plans and recommend a minimum of 30 days in order that you maximise the impact on your performance.

Business Athlete - you have a job but are serious about your sport!  This meal plan is for busy people who enjoy sport during the evenings and at weekends. We provide you with around 2500 calories per day.

Elite Athlete - your job probably is your sport!  This meal plan is for the serious athlete.  We provide a starting point of 3000 calories per day.  This plan is bespoke and tailored to your specific needs after a consultation, which can be done over the telephone or face-to-face with Barbara Cox. Book yours now.

"I recently defended my World Sport Jutitsu title and if it wasn’t for Nutrichef's help then I certainly wouldn’t have done so well."  Jeff Lawson, Ippon MMA Gym owner and MMA multi champion

One day of your Leaner & Stronger menu:

Breakfast - Pear and raspberry smoothie

AM Snack - Nutrichef cherry & almond Flapjack

Lunch -  Spicy carrot and lentil soup, accompanied by noodle salad with peanut sauce and a tuna sandwich

PM Snack - Nutrichef mixed nuts & seeds

Dinner - Spanish Tortilla with chicken and vegetables accompanied by red cabbage with red onion, apple & cauliflower