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Barbara's Story...the seed of Nutrichef...

Barbara teenage skatingAs a teenager living in Canada I was a keen athlete, becoming junior Canadian skating champion and training day-in and day-out.  Teaming up with my skating partner we were looking at turning professional, yet over time I was struggling to train at the level that I needed.  My diet had never been that good and that certainly got worse when we landed a sponsorship deal with a chocolate bar manufacturer!  Eventually we discovered that I was hypoglycemic, which all but put pay to my skating career.

Not knowing what to do then I went off travelling around the world, particularly Australia and the Far east and then...

Fifteen years ago, when I was living in Japan, I recognised that I needed to change my lifestyle, still hypoglycemic and and now with a husband who had a serious stomach ulcer.  Living in Japan it was obvious the impact that their diet had on the lifestyle of individuals and the health of the nation.

Time for change

So I studied Nutrition, taking a degree and worked with some incredible Japanese chefs. I sought out as much information as I could find in Japan, questioned friends and experts and developed recipes with the philosophy of the Japanese diet but with Western influence.

As I was playing with a whole new range of foods—a spectrum of vegetables, whole grains, healthy oils and sustainably sourced fish and meat. I saw the deep contentment my friends in Japan seemed to have with food and wondered what part that played in their healthy lifestyle.

Food is about much more than what we put in our mouths

Over time I learned and experimented. I discovered that knowing that particular foods were doing so much good for my body—and knowing how to cook them made me want to eat them more and tell everyone I knew.

As my eating habits gradually, almost without noticing changed, my hypoglycemia disappeared and my husband’s ulcer was sorted, and I felt better at 35 than I ever did at 20

Nutrichef is born …

The experience had such an impact on me, that I knew I had to find a way to share what I had learned.  We’ve taken all of that experience and learning and turned it into a range of Meal Plans for you.

We’ve created the Nutrichef Meal Plans to work for busy people, people who want to lose weight, people who want to learn how to change their lifestyle; people who want to run their first marathon and people who want to win an Olympic medal.