Transforming Lives

By far the most rewarding aspect of running Nutrichef is hearing all the positive feedback from our clients. Since we started, back in 2004, we’ve heard from thousands of customers about how their lives have been transformed as a result of their Nutrichef meal plan.

The most common feedback we receive is that customers feel so much more energised as a result of going without wheat and dairy; and without added salt and sugar. Many customers comment that they now really understand what it means to eat healthily.

Perhaps the most heart-warming words have been from the customers who’ve said the increased energy has helped them battle cancer; or that their loss in weight and increase in confidence has saved their marriage.

Mark Nash

Omark_nash.jpgverweight workaholic loses 3 stone and runs sub-4-hour marathon

When I first tried Nutrichef I was a 16½-stone, stressed out, chocolate-loving company owner. In my consultation with Barbara I learned a lot about the need to cut out cheese and chocolate and I signed up for 14 days of Nutrichef meals.

Within a couple of days of eating the meals, I began feeling so much more energised. I missed the chocolate at first, but began enjoying Nutrichef’s meals so much more. After two weeks I’d lost 5 lbs, but had enjoyed the experience so much that I booked another 14-day meal plan.

After one month I was so pleased with how I was feeling and how much weight I was losing that I opted for a long-term plan. At the same time I began jogging and even began entertaining the idea of going in for a marathon!

By April of the following year I’d lost 3 stone since originally starting on Nutrichef. I was still eating the meals on a daily basis and was now a keen runner. I entered the London Marathon and completed it in a very respectable 4 hours and 15 minutes!

Twelve months on and the transformation continues: I’m still eating Nutrichef meals every day, I’m down to a healthy 13 stone and I ran the London Marathon a whole 23 minutes faster than last year!

Sam Simon

Mum with MS feeling better and betterYoung mum with MS feels completely transformed

After I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis I suffered even more from low energy, weight gain and bloating. Nutrichef was recommended to me by a friend whose own health had greatly improved on the program, so my husband and I booked an appointment to see Barbara. After starting the meal plan I found that I didn’t need any more afternoon naps and I was amazed at how much energy I had for my young son. I also lost a stone in weight and learned how to cook more healthily for the whole family. I’ve now done Nutrichef three times; I learn something new each time and just keep feeling better and better.

Ross Stallion

Ross Stallion‘Heart attack waiting to happen’ grateful for guidance

When I met Barbara I was a heart attack waiting to happen! She was a regular guest at the radio station I was working for, and one morning – when she was doing arterial age checks for the DJ’s live on air – she offered to do the test for all of the staff. I was 31 at the time, but the instrument revealed I had a cardio vascular score of someone over 60 years old! This came as a real shock, but Barbara was not in the least surprised when I told her I lived off junk food and takeaways.

I decided to try a Nutrichef meal plan and was really pleasantly surprised by how great the food tasted and how easy it was to just heat and eat them. Within the first month my vascular age came down to 32 and this transformed my outlook on how food and lifestyle really does affect your health. My energy was up and I was more alert at work. I now crave healthy foods instead of the rubbish I used to eat!

Ali Acaster

Ali AcasterSufferer of epilepsy and ill health now training for triathlon

I’m an avid fan of Nutrichef as Barbara’s programme has helped me lose 1.5 stone and given me the energy and confidence to train for a triathlon in July! This is an amazing about turn because – as a sufferer of epilepsy – my health used to get me down.

I couldn’t imagine that Nutrichef would be so good at catering for vegetarians, so I was really impressed by the creativity of the chefs who created vegetarian dishes like aubergine rolls, vegetarian sushi and spelt pastry tarts. I have recommended lots of people to do Nutrichef, especially my colleagues and friends of Julia’s House.

Hannah Cromie

Hannah CromieBloated stomach sufferer is now an aspiring model

For four years I suffered with really uncomfortable digestive problems like bloating and Candida. When I started my Nutrichef meal plan I found that the symptoms disappeared with a few days because the meals are yeast-free and low in sugar. The meals were all delicious and Barbara’s inspirational advice has really helped me get my life on track. I’m now feeling 100%, looking forward to getting married in June and now have the confidence to work as a fashion model. Thanks Nutrichef for all of your help, support and fantastic meals.

Scott Charlton

Scott CharltonOverweight stand-up comedian slims to healthy size

Someone once told me the best way to lose weight is to eat less and do more! It’s simply not true! I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my adult life and although I do drink a little too much on occasions, I’ve noticed that there are plenty of thin drinkers in my local pub!

But I didn’t eat too much? Or so I thought! Looking back I was like lot of busy people - I only ate when I was very hungry (and ultimately would gorge on rubbish), I seldom had breakfast, and, because I lived alone, I rarely mustered the inclination to cook a meal for myself!

When I was introduced to Nutrichef, it seemed too easy to be true – they would deliver three perfectly balanced, healthy meals to me every day and all I had to do was eat them! There was a small amount of ‘cooking’ but that basically amounted to little more than heating my evening meal.

The promise was that if I kept to my diet and supplemented it only with water, I would drastically reduce my arterial age, have more energy and – best of all - I would lose weight. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, if you know what I mean! I lost 3 stone in 5 months, I felt terrific and got my arterial age down to below my actual age! But best of all I was educated on how to care for myself. I knew that I wasn’t looking after myself properly but Nutrichef took all the hard work out of it!

Derek Carey and Jennifer Donaldson

David & JenniferOur Nutrichef experience has been genuinely life changing and worth every penny...

"We are both huge fans of Nutrichef.  We first heard about the company in 2009 and started ordering their meals in an effort to try and eat a healthier diet and lose some weight!  

 We were immediately impressed by the difference between Nutrichef meals and other calorie controlled ready meals we had tried in the past – they all taste homemade rather than processed, they are full of flavour, there is plenty of variety and despite the calorific content being restricted they rarely leave you feeling hungry!  

The convenience of the Nutrichef program has also been a huge plus for us – we both work long hours and not having to worry about planning our meals, shopping and cooking has been fantastic.   Good value too.   And it works!  Derek lost 13kg in total over a 6 month period.

 As a company Nutrichef have been excellent to deal with – David and Barbara have been extremely helpful and friendly and they really make an effort to provide that personal touch.

Our Nutrichef experience has been genuinely life changing and worth every penny – we would highly recommend their service to anyone wishing to adopt a healthier lifestyle, lose weight, or simply to remove the day to day hassle of organizing meals and release some free time while still enjoying a healthy, home cooked, balanced diet."

Jennifer Donaldson